Queering the Fairytale
Meets Autobiographical Storytelling
mit Katinka Kraft

November 15.-17. (Fr, Sa, So) 10:30-16:30

November 23.-24. (Sa, So) 10:30-16:30

Kreuzberg, Berlin


Workshop description and registration

Workshop Beschreibung und Anmeldung auf deutsch hier

Location is wheelchair acessible (U8, U1) (M29)

Language: Workshop in English or German spoken language, depending on the preferences of participants.

Stories live and breathe all around us. They connect us to our ourselves and our surroundings. You just have see them and acknowledge them.

In this course, you will learn the tools for developing your own story. The first weekend we will spend exploring the traditional story as way to engage with the craft of storytelling, exploring the story-arc, dynamic detail, images, body language, voice and gestures. And while we are at it, we will bring out our magic wands and queer the whole thing up, let Rapunzel save herself, let the genderqueer royalty lead the dance, let the bear be a bear, let Cinderella take off on a pumpkin because she never really wanted to date!

Storytelling is about seeing the poetry in the simple moments.

Once we have learned the tools of storytelling, we will make our way to our own stories, produced from our lives. While negotiating the boundaries of autobiographical storytelling, we will evoke images through our words, learn to embody our own story and find our own voice.

This workshop is not a writing workshop. We will be be engaging with the oral tradition of storytelling.

No prior experience necessary, just the desire to get up on stage and speak!

Cost: The workshop is funded by the federal ministry and therefor free of charge for you. After confirmation of your participation, we ask you to transfer a deposit of 100€ to reserve your place. The deposit will be returned after you complete the full workshop. If this is financially not possible for you, please let us know and we will find a solution.

For whom: This workshop is open to all. We’re looking for stories, told from a variety of personal perspectives, that in some way question, approach, reject, challenge, twist, flip (etc., etc.) gender norms and inflexible gender „scripts“. The aim of Gender Sender over the past few years has been to create empowering stories FROM the trans*inter*queer community FOR the trans*inter*queer community. This year, however, we want to challenge the responsibility that the trans*inter*queer community often carries for „explaining“ gender, and we want to switch up and expand the dialogue.

About the workshop facilitator: Katinka Kraft is a spoken word and performance artist. For 20 years, she was active as a performer and workshop facilitator in the spoken word and slam poetry scene in the USA and Germany. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Performing Arts, a Master of Arts degree in Creative and Autobiographical Writing and is currently taking part in the Storytelling Certificate Course at the Berlin University of the Arts. She loves to discover stories and to bring them to life with images for the stage!

If you want to apply, please fill out the following application. We will select 12 people to participate: